Ask Brad


IvyExec is proud to present another installment of “Ask Brad”. Bradford Agry, of Career Team Partners, will be taking your questions that you can submit in the comments box.

Q: What is the actual difference between my linkedIn profile and my resume? Can I use one for the other? If not, how should they be differently positioned?

B: The Linked-in profile is like your regular resume in that it should highlight your past positions, dates, and responsibilities in reverse chronological order. The difference in my mind is that Linked-in should be more edited and not necessarily show more than several recent positions–The idea is that Linked-in— particularly when used by a recruiter to research potential candidates– should give them enough initial information to want to contact you at which point a standard resume could be shared/discussed in more depth.

Q: When at a networking event, how do I enter into a conversation that already has a group of people engaged?

B: I would first of all not to try to tackle a group of more than 3-4 people, as “getting in” obviously is harder with more people talking. If there is one person doing all the talking and the rest listening, you may have to wait until natural breaks in the group conversation to interject a follow-up question–best of an open-ended variety. If possible, I try to single out one person in the group to break the ice with and eventually try then to weave into the flow of the larger conversation.

About the Author

Bradford Agry is Founding Principal of CareerTeam Partners, a New York City career management consulting firm. Agry works with individuals in industries ranging from finance to marketing to communications helping them identify and actualize career transitions.