Maintaining Your Online Image

personal brand

I know we all hear, over and over again, the refrain “keep your professional profiles such as the one you have on Ivy Exec as far apart from your personal profiles, like Facebook. I speak to people all the time that tell me how hard they work to keep their professional life separate from their personal life. I have news for everyone: the horse is out of the barn.

The vast amount of data on the internet, coupled with the ease that anyone can find anything means any efforts to suppress unflattering images, wild videos or inappropriate rants are futile. I’ve searched candidate’s names on Google and found scathing comments they’ve made towards old employers, ex-coworkers and worse.

I tend to be an early adopter of technological advances so what have I done with my social imprint? I make sure nothing I say or do is something I wouldn’t want a prospective employer to hear about. I treat my various resumes (and I include any profile I have anywhere as a resume) with kid gloves.

I consider each medium separately and ensure each communicates a different but complimentary image of me. If you just want to scratch the surface, look at my resume: Accomplishments, skills and employment history fill the page. To learn a little more, check out my LinkedIn profile and see my interests, what books I read, groups I belong to and get to know me better.

Go to Facebook and see who I keep in touch with. My main 3 groups are from my high school days, college days and key social business friends. You’ll see I kayak and cook. Read my blog and you’ll learn how I think and view certain situations.

Just a hint, the line of demarcation between your personal and professional life isn’t going to suddenly become the Berlin Wall again. Transparency is only going to increase and you should be taking steps to put everything in the correct light. Your personal brand is all of the above and much more. Take good care of it and it will take good care of you.

About the Author

Brad Attig has 12 years of talent acquisition experience including 4 years working with high level executives crafting personal job search strategies and 8 years of recruiting for a top boutique retail recruitment firm.