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Resume Red Flags – Tips From the Experts at IvyExec

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When I’ve been in the position of reviewing resumes, both as a hiring manager and in MBA admissions, any missing or incongruous information immediately sent up a bright red flag – missing dates, missing year of graduation, missing undergrad degree, gaps of more than one year, the first role listed is “Vice President,” or a functional resume – any of those situations immediately made me wonder what the applicant was trying to hide. It makes you wonder, and that’s never a good thing.

Resume Red Flag #1: Camouflaging Your Age

If the applicant’s resume presents her as 30 years old, and she shows up at the interview and is actually 55, the hiring manager is going to feel misled. The applicant is also going to be put into the awkward situation of trying to explain those missing 20 years.

Intentionally misleading the hiring manager reduces your chances of being considered for the position.

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