5 Ways Your Competitors Are Killing The Job Game Right Now


Do you know what your job competitors are doing to win over employers? If not, ask while networking with friends, foe, and everyone you meet. Find out how people are getting hired, or noticed by interviewers and employers.

Your competition is standing out implementing these strategies :

  1. Boldly offering their social media profiles as professional proof – His or her social Media profiles are an enriched with creative and contagious updates while yours looks the same as it did in 2010. Even their photos, taglines, and comments have purpose and remain current. Are your social media profiles filled out? Your profile on LinkedIn looks like a list. Don’t make your LinkedIn profile look like a list!
  2. Your competitors know what you offer –Networking is more than your contacts referring you, although that is the universal expectation. If you want to “fit” in a high technology company environment, would you just bring a résumé? What are you talking about with your network?
  3. Future-proofing by injecting value into his or her personal brand – Top performers create value and a professional brand that endures unemployment with plenty of options. They inject value in everything they do, therefore, his or her owns a potent personal brand. If you offer little competitive value, what are you doing to change that?
  4. They thrive and embrace collaboration – Your competition relies on mentors and peers to share resources, complementing knowledge, and advice. You are relying on your past. Do you mention collaborating with others on your résumé? If not, how can you be a formidable opponent?
  5. Your competition sweats the small stuff – Details separate you and the competition. Call backs, thank you notes (mentors, contacts, interviewers, baby-sitters), names of people you meet are as important as getting the job. Make a big deal out of the small stuff even if it’s mom, dad, siblings, or next door neighbors. Chivalry, graciousness, and gratitude goes the distance if you want to be noticed.

About the Author

Mark Anthony Dyson is The Voice of Job Seekers. He writes for the unemployed, underemployed, and unappreciated job seekers.