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Company Spotlight: Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Ivy Exec recently interviewed Joshua Rosenthal, Founder & Director of Institute for Integrative Nutrition on their company culture.

Ivy Exec: In which area of your company do you expect the most growth during 2012?

Joshua Rosenthal: We see growth in Global Sales and Marketing over the next year as well as Social Media which easily connects our students and grads worldwide. Our 2020 vision is for the world to see the importance of food and nutrition on global health and the environment. Health and happiness is the main goal for everyone everywhere. I want to ensure we reach as many people as possible.

Ivy: What changes and challenges do you think your company will see in the next 5 years?

Joshua: Interest in nutrition and health grows year by year. What used to be a fringe movement, is now mainstream. Online learning is exploding and is vital to connect people to an educational experience that is affordable, and works within their daily lives and schedules.

Ivy: What made you start the Institute for Integrative Nutrition?

Joshua: I saw a need for a change in the way nutrition education was presented.

Ivy: What three words best describe your culture?

Joshua: Dynamic, Driven, and Fun!

Ivy: What are some of the best perks that employees get at your company?

Joshua: We provide organic breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Our employees also enjoy a full wellness package, including massage, chiropractor, and yoga.

Ivy: What gets you excited about going to work each day?

Joshua: Working with intelligent, ambitious and deeply committed people who are inspired and driven by our mission to improve health and happiness in the world.

Ivy: Which leadership qualities best insure success at your company?

Joshua: Leaders are committed to the mission of the organization and see the big picture clearly. A strong leader is also committed to individual employees and their personal and professional success. At Integrative Nutrition, we walk the talk.

Ivy: What little known hobby or personal interest do you enjoy?

Joshua: Geostrategy. There’s a big world out there. I’m fascinated by connecting with as many people as possible.

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