How To Use Google Alerts In Your Job Search

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In your job search thus far, you’ve probably used loads of new technologies to learn about executive job opportunities, build your personal brand, and research job search best practices, including job boards, social media, blogs, and more.

At this point, Google might be one of your key resources for important information. (What job seeker hasn’t searched for “How to create a cover letter” or “The best resume templates”?)

Google also has another tool which you may have overlooked during your job search: Google alerts. Google alerts allow you to monitor the Web for new content relevant to your interests and needs. Simply enter a search query, such as “Ford + jobs”, and choose how often (as-it-happens, once a day or once a week) and how many results you’d like to receive. You can have these emailed to you or put into an RSS feed reader.

While this tool might seem great, you may be wondering, how can Google alerts help me find success on the job hunt?

Monitor your personal brand. Employers and recruiters are searching for you online — what will they find under your name? Set up an alert for your name to catch results that may impact your executive job search and focus on creating positive content online for employers to discover.

Follow industry and company news. Have an interview with one of your target companies next week? Sign up for alerts on the company to follow recent news and stay informed on recent happenings at the organization. Not only will it help you learn about the company and its leadership, but it might also aid in identifying your fit within the organization.

Discover key contacts. Can’t find an “in” at any of your target companies? Plagued by anonymous email addresses? Set up an alert for the company and department you’d like to join. You never know…you might uncover contact information that a simple search didn’t reveal.

Do you use Google alerts? If so, how do you use them for your executive job search?

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