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Invest in Yourself, Not an “O.K.” Resume

invest in yourself

Everyone who has ever taken a 100 level economics course will remember the term “opportunity cost.” When one is considering having their resume professionally designed and written, opportunity cost refers to the price potentially involved in the crucial decision either to prepare your resume yourself or to engage professional assistance.

Oddly enough, in too many cases, the cost of landing the most desirable career opportunity is not seriously considered enough, when for the prudent job seeker, it must be.

Requiring little or no expense beyond the time and materials to produce it, writing one’s own resume is, at first, an understandable choice. Indeed, the availability of thousands of books and articles on the subject would seem to make it the way to go, along with the prospect that a potentially expensive resume may not be “that” much better.

A closer look at the real “opportunity cost” of your resume starts with dispelling the myth that professional collaboration is an extravagance whose expense outweighs its worth. On the contrary, Ivy Exec resumes are worth a great deal more than their affordable price and when you look back, may be the best investment you ever made.

Nowhere on the path to a lucrative and fulfilling career will you benefit more from what professional expertise and experience can provide than at the starting point: the preparation of your resume.

The accomplished members of the Ivy Exec resume team will craft a top-tier resume specifically designed to demonstrate the value of your background and unique abilities to your new employer. Such a resume, built with strategic emphasis in mind, will tell the reader not only what you have done but also, looking forward, what you can do. It will be error free and speak to the recruiter who is reading it.

You never know the cost of an “O.K.” resume. The price is high and the reasons many and often unrecognized; however the result is inevitably the same: your name doesn’t appear on the employer’s interview list. An Ivy Exec resume, on the other hand, offers the savvy job seeker added advantages and pushes open the door of opportunity.

Make Your Resume Work For You.

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