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IT Resumes: Getting Past the HR Gatekeeper

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Basic resume writing guidelines do not apply to Information Technology professionals; you have an audience, not a single reader, to keep in mind.

To top it off, this audience does not speak your language.Since a member of the IT team probably won’t even see your resume until it’s passed through a few rounds with HR, focus should be on your soft skills, ability to impact the bottom line, and how well-rounded you are.To emphasize your team leadership and people skills, broaden your thinking about your work experience and tell us about any management experience (people, projects, etc.) and about any client interactions you might have had. Doing so will really take your resume up a level from an individual contributor level to a team player and leader.

Limit the use of technical jargon and acronyms that might not be related to your career goals; the “alphabet soup” will be a huge barrier for the resume and will turn off the reader. Use a detailed but tailored ‘Technical Skills’ section, this way your resume won’t require listing the technology used on each project. Leave out any technologies no longer in use which would make you seem outdated.

Expanding your soft skills demonstrates how your technical abilities have improved business in a language that speaks both HR and IT.

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Staci has over 15 years of experience partnering with managers at all levels in High Technology, Management Consulting and Healthcare Management to build their careers via career strategy, career assessment and selection, brand identification, PAR development and mapping, and strategic resume and cover letter development.