Creating Your Elevator Pitch: How to Communicate Your Value in 20 Seconds (Webinar)

elevator pitch

Unless you can communicate your value quickly and in a compelling way, you are letting opportunities pass you by.

Would you knowingly give up an opportunity for the perfect job or fantastic assignment?  That is what you are doing if you do not have at your fingertips a well-practiced, very brief statement of who you are, what you are up to and what a UNIQUE contribution you make.

No matter how experienced and polished we are, most of us from time to time pass up opportunities to let others know who we are and what a unique contribution we make. We fail to get the conversation started which can lead to new positions and assignments.

In this webinar, you will actively participate and “log out” with a new statement of who you are and your value. In this session, you will learn:

  • How to communicate your value in a compelling way in 20 seconds.
  • Four key questions to answer, to engage anyone anywhere, anytime – in YOU!
  • To craft, practice and perfect your own Elevator Pitch.
  • How do to make yourself interesting, memorable and start the conversation, which will open doors for you.

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