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Writing a Powerful Resume

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In today’s recruitment world that is ever more Internet-driven, your resume is the single most powerful document you have in your job search. It opens doors to new careers and life opportunities. Ivy Exec’s Resume Team explains how you should design your resume.

The Executive Summary

Fold your resume as if you were putting it into an envelope and then unfold just the top flap. Does it grab you? The first third of your resume is the most important part of the document. It should contain a clearly written profile section that gives a high-level overview of strengths, weaknesses and special skills that are relevant to your career goals and the position for which you are applying.

The Body

Although resumes are most often written in your word processing program, your writing will improve if you can think of a resume more like a PowerPoint deck. Rather than writing a long narrative, you’ll want to write in short, concise bullets (of no more than two lines in length) starting with powerful, specific action verbs that describe what you did (but resist the temptation to include everything). Give us enough information to understand your skills and contributions but don’t obscure your most important achievements by burying the reader in unnecessary details.

Your resume will only rise to the top of the proverbial stack on the recruiter’s desk if you think of it as your professional marketing statement. It has to clearly differentiate you from other candidates for the same job, who may have very similar backgrounds. By highlighting your accomplishments and making your key strengths crystal clear, your resume will convince a potential employer that you’re a high performer who would achieve similar results in a new role.

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