10 Things To Consider Before Making Your Next Career Move – Part I

career move

Building a career requires the confidence and planning to take risks and make radical decisions from time to time.

Taking your career in the direction you want to often means having to leave your comfort zone and take the plunge into something more challenging and rewarding – something that has the potential to test your mettle and increase your worth as a professional.

But taking the plunge is never easy, especially considering the current state of the economy. When considering taking up a more rewarding and challenging job role, it is important to analyse not only the job role itself, but also the company, the potential for growth as well as the potential rewards.

  1. The Job Role – Consider the job role carefully. What are the key responsibilities and objectives of the position? What kind of skills and knowledge does the job call for? What is the compensation based on, and is there room for discussion?
  2. Assets and Support – It is important to know the level of support available to new employees as well as the kind of resources that the company offers for the particular job role. For instance, what is the size of the department; would you have staff working for you?
  3. The Company – What about the employer? What kind of character or personality does the company have? Is it your kind of company, and does it seem like you would be comfortable and happy working there?
  4. The Previous Candidate – A good way to determine where the particular job role may take you in your career path is to see where previous job holders’ have progressed to. It is useful to consider the kind of professional they are, the skills they possess and where they are today.

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