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Technology In The Workplace: 5 Reasons To Keep Up


It’s funny, isn’t it? — that in the blink of an eye the workplace is dramatically changing… Business is changing.

The technology boom that happened within the past 15 years has forced new ways of working into offices around America, the UK and the world. Most of these changes are for the better, and ultimately, are a necessity to keep society moving forward.

There’s a trend that’s starting, as recent graduates are doing everything using the latest technology.  This trend puts pressure on workers to learn how to work and keep up with new technology.

Here are some tips to help you  stay on top of the latest technologies in today’s world:

  1. Staying Relevant: There’s a constant fear in everybody’s mind, whether you’ve been working at a company for 30 years or 30 days, of being left behind. It’s that competitive nature in everyone that keeps you constantly looking to better yourself. More than ever today, young graduates are joining the workforce with technological knowledge that is far beyond any generation’s knowledge before them. Everyone should have the desire to learn what young graduates know, if not only to curb that fear of being push aside by staying relevant.
  2. Communication: “Hey, can you pin and +1 this new post we just sent out?” Everyone get that? If not, you might want to brush up on some of the newer social media lingo out there. As in any relationship in life, communication is important. In business, you need to know what people are talking about and how to talk with them. If you don’t, everything begins to break down faster than you can tweet these tips.
  3. Staying Organized: Information went from being stored in file cabinets, to floppy discs, to flash drives, to shared servers, and now to clouds. This may be the most basic reason for you to be current with technology. Everyone needs to stay organized in order to complete their work in a quality way. Knowing how to access whatever you need from a cloud (and knowing exactly what a cloud is) is a must.
  4. Staying in Touch: Traditional marketing campaigns are still very relevant — make no mistake about that — but social media is being more widely used than ever before. Most young adults have grown up  accustomed to a certain way of being entertained, otherwise known as “always being entertained.” Growing up, they’ve constantly had technology at their fingertips. E-mail and radio campaigns no longer entertain as well as new forms of entertainment, simply because they’re not personalized. The idea of knowing how social media is evolving is essential to reaching your customers.
  5. Staying Cool: No, we don’t mean you personally. We mean keeping the company “cool” in the eyes of the public. Granted, this depends on what your company is. It’s hard to make a lot of companies “cool”, but every one of them should at least be entertaining. We’re not just talking about social media again — we’re talking about staying up to date on how you reach customers across different platforms, like tablets and phones. Keeping up with the latest platforms will enhance your firm’s “cool” factor, and may even help boost your business.

There are tons of reasons to keep up with technology in the workplace. The important thing is to notice this, and to adjust the way you work. Don’t get stuck in a routine and refuse to change your ways.  That’s an easy way to kill a career. Technology is always changing. Are you going to follow it?

About the Author

By Nisa Chitakasem, Founder of Position Ignition, the UK’s leading Career Consulting Company. Nisa co-founded Position to provide career consulting to people looking for guidance and support through their career change, new career direction, job search and career development.