Tips For Maximizing Your Returns From Mentorship

maximize return

Time spent with a mentor is valuable.  So, make sure that it’s time well spent. One of our active mentors — Gerhard van der Poel, Director-Structured Finance, ING — recently shared his thoughts on how proteges can maximize their mentorship “returns.”

  1. Don’t be impatient with the process. You are seeking help, but it may take time to reach answers.  Remember…it is a process.
  2. With an important topic, be willing to explore it inside and out. You need to clearly understand your goals and obstacles and limitations – both personal and external.
  3. Don’t be shy. This is an open relationship. It’s your opportunity to discuss career-related issues you wouldn’t feel comfortable discussing with your manager.
  4. Be open to new approaches and techniques your mentor might suggest – even if they are outside your comfort zone.
  5. Be organized during your session and take notes. You might brush over what seems to be a minor point early on that could be extremely important  to your overall success later in the process.

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