Big Career Dreams? A Mentor’s Help Is A Powerful Resource

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You might think that building your career is a “solitary” pursuit – you work hard, you go above and beyond for your boss, and you’re good at what you do.

You couldn’t be more wrong.

Most leaders who’ve made it to the c-suite have mentors in their past who helped them…

…and not just when they were job hunting…

If you just consider mentorship a source of help when you’re job hunting, you couldn’t be more wrong. Having a mentor is a powerful resource whether you’re switching jobs or you’re humming along at the job you have.

The Ivy Exec Mentor Network has over 500 volunteer mentors with 15 to 20+ years of experience each – from corporate c-suite and Board-level to start-up — across more than 20 industries. No other career resource program offers a mentoring program like this.  And, it’s free for Ivy Exec’s premium, All Access members.

Even if you’re safely ensconced in a job you like, and your career seems to be taking you where you want to go…step back for a minute.

What if you could achieve your career goals – short, medium long term — faster and more easily?

There are so many situations where an informal mentor who is NOT at your company, but who has significant experience at similar companies, could advise you….

  • You want a raise. Does the mere thought of a compensation negotiation make you quake in your boots? You need to go into your compensation review with a game plan in place when the size of your future paycheck is on the line. A mentor can help you think through your case for a raise so your points are logical and compelling.
  • You love your job, but your boss is impossible. Do you want to establish a better working relationship with your boss before you pass the point of no return? It may be the kiss of death for your career to talk to HR or one of your boss’s peers. A mentor can help you think through your options with a clear head…with no downside to your reputation at the company.
  • You’ve been passed over for a coveted promotion. What went wrong? How do you regroup and make sure it doesn’t happen again? A mentor can help you step back and assess why you were passed over, and, more importantly, help you define the steps you should take to avoid a similar miss in the future.

And the scenarios go on …

Are you managing a difficult employee, but not sure how to put the relationship back on track?…Do you want to cross functional lines at your company, but not sure how?…Have you taken on a new, rather “foreign” accountability and need to get smart–fast?… Is your company reorganizing/downsizing, and you need to reposition yourself ASAP?…Do you have aspirations of working abroad, but not sure how to convince your firm to unleash you?

An informal mentor – someone who isn’t from your company — is a safe zone where you can openly discuss these kinds of challenges and ambitions without fear of repercussions at your company.

If you’re serious about building your career, you should look into mentorship and see what our program has to offer. If you’d like to discuss the program further, please email the Team @ Ivy Exec at and someone from our team will be in touch. We can’t wait to match you with a mentor!

About the Author

Gayle Rigione is Ivy Exec’s Chief Community Development Officer. Gayle spent 15 years in diverse relationship management and senior management roles at MasterCard International, Arthur Andersen Strategic Services, and Bankers Trust Company. She earned her MBA from Columbia.