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Career Change – The Difference Between The Burnout And The Need (Webinar)


“Career Change – The Difference Between The Burnout And The Need”

Do you arrive at work on Monday morning and by mid-day you feel like it’s Thursday? Your morning hasn’t been particularly busy, nor are you faced with any unsolvable problems. You just feel drained. Naturally, this is alarming for a successful, driven, ambitious person like yourself. So what do you do? Have you really looked closely to understand whether you are just tired or if your professional life needs a reboot? The first step is to diagnose burn-out or a need for a career change.

In this webinar, you will…

  1. Determine how to catch the tell-tale signs of a mid-career itch, and how to distinguish it from just being overworked and suffering from vacationless drudgery.
  2. Walk through a process to follow in order to turn your burnout into a re-energized career and back to performing at your fullest potential.
  3. Discover if a career transition is needed instead and obtain the tools to take the first steps toward uncovering where your true professional fulfillment lies.
  4. Learn how to create a incredible elevator pitch in order to attract your dream job or opportunity.

About the Author

As a Career Stylist, Kelly Studer has been transforming careers for ambitious professionals and executives at Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and everything in between.