Expand Your Network With Cold Calls

We all know that finding a new position is a numbers game. Most new jobs are found through “conversations” with people we know and people we do not know. The primary reason why we hesitate having those conversations is fear of …..(you fill in the blank)…..but fear.
Here’s what my client did to put that fear aside.

He was dragging his feet on calling old friends and colleagues, getting nowhere….”they will just think I am using them.” He also admitted they probably would be glad to hear from him, and he could also offer them some support in their lives, and plus he just plain likes them and it would be good to connect.

To get off the dime, he committed to “park” his fears every morning in order to make his calls. He currently is a stay-at –home Dad, responsible for getting his 2 year old son to day care each morning. As he was telling his son about the day care schedule each morning, he decided to tell him about his own schedule, and his fears in getting started. His son enjoyed the conversation so much that they both ended up laughing and my client’s worries evaporated. Each day now, he “parks” his fears of calling with his son, as each of them go off for their day. Using this technique, my client averaged 5 calls a day the first week, most all leading to follow ups, new connections and several meetings. When he returned to me the following week, he was amazed that almost overnight his schedule was completely full with calls and appointments.

Who is that support person with whom you can park your fears?  Find that person, and just go for it!

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