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How To Resubmit Your Resume

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Ivy Exec helps hundreds of people with their resumes and cover letters each month. We often encounter interesting and thorny questions.  We started this series to so that you can benefit from it! For more information on our resume services, feel free to contact us and get a free 15 minute resume evaluation.

Q: Can I send multiple resumes to the same company, each with emphasis on different skills?

A: The short answer is “No.”

You only get one chance to make a first impression. The first resume you send must match your skills and value to the position for which you are applying. It will only serve to confuse your target company, or worse, suggest that you are sloppy.

What this question is actually asking is, “How do I best articulate my professional brand and match it to several different job descriptions that I’m qualified to do?”

When rewriting a resume, one of the first questions our resume specialists will ask you is, “What are some titles of the positions you are applying for and why are you qualified to apply to those positions?”

Most DIY resumes I’ve seen are writing about who they were as a professional. A talented writing partner will help you focus on what is going to be important to your next employer.

What if you have already submitted a resume, but now have a professionally resume that reflects why you are perfect for the job? Your best bet is to politely submit a new one and ask that they replace the one on file with it.

There is no assurance that this suggestion will work but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Maybe it will pass across someone’s desk at just the right time!

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