Dream Job: How To Reach It

dream job

In 2012 a survey by Right Management showed that only 19% of employees in North America were satisfied at work, 16% were somewhat satisfied, while a whopping 65% were dissatisfied with their jobs.

Work satisfaction has decreased steadily since 2009, and despite the desire to change jobs, fewer and fewer people find the courage to reach for their dream job.  Do you find yourself in search of a new job for one of the following reasons?

  • …I’m not enjoying my job (any more) – should I change it?
  • …I seem to have it all, I have a wonderful job – why am I not happy??

Just how clear, enthusiastic and confident are about your next career step?…

In this webinar we will explore ways you can reach for your “dream job,” answering the questions:

  1. What does it take to be in a job that you enjoy?
  2. How can you make sure your next assignment is the right one?
  3. How do you know when it’s time to leave?
  4. What is the ideal job for me? What is my real calling? Do I even have a calling?
  5. How do I go for the dream job, without the burden of worries and insecurity?

About the Author

Gayle Rigione is Ivy Exec’s Chief Community Development Officer. Gayle spent 15 years in diverse relationship management and senior management roles at MasterCard International, Arthur Andersen Strategic Services, and Bankers Trust Company. She earned her MBA from Columbia.