The 4 Personality Types For Success At Work – The Champ (and the chip)

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Integral to any company’s success, beyond the skills team members contribute, is that magical  blend of different personalities that generates the spark and sizzle a company needs, not only to succeed, but to survive. You need Givers, Champs, Matrix Thinkers, and Savants… This 4 part series will explore each personality type  in more detail.  In this installment, we present…

The Champ (and the chip)

The Champ at your company is usually most recognizable in your team as the high-performance salesperson.  They excel at reading people, and most likely have the suave style to charm them as well (Champs often make great Politicians too!).  Astute readers probably noticed that there is a second part to this personality type — The Chip.

Having a “chip on your shoulder” is usually thought of with a negative connotation – but for The Champ, this can be a good thing.  Having a bit of a boost to their ego provides The Champ with a healthy dose of confidence and motivation.  It is important for the Champ to keep this in check, or else risk a Jekyll/Hyde situation.

The Champ comes with a Gung-Ho attitude,  and will perform well in Sales, Management, and C-Suite positions.  Keep them away from areas where they are required to tread lightly, such as customer support or creative roles.

To learn more about about The Champ profile developed by Software Advice, read the full article contributed by Don Fornes by clicking here.

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