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Want to create the dream team?

Integral to any company’s success, beyond the skills team members contribute, is that magical  blend of different personalities that generates the spark and sizzle a company needs, not only to succeed, but to survive.  You need Givers, Champs, Matrix Thinkers, and Savants… This 4 part series will explore each personality type  in more detail, starting with “The Giver”…

The Giver

As implied by the name, the giver is the one who stays late to help you finish a twelve hour grind – the one who provides the support to pick you up when you are down – the one that puts the company ahead of themselves.

The giver is a walking definition of a team player, and will jump on a grenade for the good of the team.  Such a selfless mindset of course can be dangerous for a less mature giver, who risks burn-out through striving to serve others.

Make sure to keep the giver central to your company, so that their positive yet relaxing energy can ease tense situations.  This will be particularly effective for administrative roles, or executive support.  Given their innate inter-personal skills, they can even excel in customer support roles.

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