The 4 Personality Types That Guarantee Success At Work

personality types

What do the A-Team, the Backstreet Boys, and a successful company have in common?

Personality — Not just any type of personality, but a specialty, a drive, a piece they can bring to a puzzle to make 2+2+2+2= 23.  Through their combined efforts, each member is able to play off the strengths and weaknesses of the other.  To assemble and cultivate such a team in your organization can be a challenge, but it is not impossible.

Don Fornes of Software Advice recently studied his own team to find out what makes each of them tick, and what he came to discover were 4 archetypes..

The Champ (and the chip):  The quintessential master salesperson (with a healthy ego), The Champ is brimming with confidence and positive energy, selling red paint to anyone wearing white gloves.

The Giver: You guessed it – they will give their apples to sell, their branches to build a house, and the trunk for a boat.  The Giver will dedicate 110% to ensure the company can reach their goals – no matter what the cost!

The Matrix Thinker: Many people are concerned with thinking outside of the box- but the matrix thinker will think about what the box is, where it came from, and what it looks like upside down, inside out, and how it functions with pink polka-dots.  The Matrix Thinker will solve your problems from 5 different angles.

The Savant: They have mastered rocket science and brain surgery – and why not?  It comes easily to them.  The Savant will find their niche within the company, and then master it.

By identifying each personality type amongst your current staff – or possible new hires, you will be able to assign the best roles, projects, responsibilities, and environment to maximize your team’s results.

This four part series will highlight what makes them great, what challenges they face, how to identify them, and what drives their confidence.

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