Portfolio vs. Ladder: It’s So NOT About Climbing “The Ladder” Anymore…

So if career progression isn’t about climbing the ladder, then what’s it about?  You will find out in this thought provoking career development webinar.

Global demographics are changing and so are people’s views about career success. Rather than looking at career progression as a ladder, where one rung is higher than the other, it may be more accurate think about our careers – in fact, our lives – as “flowers,” with each petal being an essential feature of the whole. In this “portfolio” model, everything you add — to your knowledge reservoir, to your experience base, to yourself — is a valuable component in and of itself that can lead to deeper satisfaction in your career.

In this webinar, speaker and author, Margaretta Noonan, will challenge your thinking about your career progression and provide tactical advice on how to manage your own – and your employees’ – career development. This webinar will not only give you cause for pause and reflection, but will provide practical advice on how to apply a portfolio management approach to your career evolution.

About the Author

Margaretta Noonan is a Director and Member of the Management Board of gleXnet, the Global Experience Network. She has worked with diverse Fortune 500 companies and has a record of identifying issues in complex organizations and implementing highly effective solutions.Before becoming an entrepreneur, Margaretta was Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer for Hudson Global. She has also held senior positions at, Kohl’s and Lord & Taylor.  In her corporate career, Margaretta worked in all areas of human resources: benefits, compensation, employee relations, recruiting/staffing and learning & development.Margaretta has appeared on CNNfn, Extra!, the Oxygen network and in print with The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Business Week, Working Woman Magazine. Her speaking engagements have included the leadership conference of Women in Cable Telecommunications, the Colloquium on Global Diversity at the World Bank, Columbia University graduate school, and the Global Summit of Women. The management consulting firm she founded and runs, noonanWorks, is proud to be certified by WBENC as a woman-owned business.