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The “Culture Factor” In International Development And Its Implications For Global Business


View business through the lens of the liberal arts.

Experience a snapshot of the IE Brown EMBA and join Anthropologist Prof. Bianca Dahl as she considers the cultural factors that can affect the success of humanitarian engagement and international development, particularly in light of global disparities in wealth and health. How should global business leaders in turn be thinking about culture? Think beyond business.

There is a growing recognition in international development and philanthropic circles that well-intentioned aid programs do not always produce positive outcomes for the recipients – indeed, that such programs may create new social and medical problems. But what are the kinds of cultural factors that affect the success of such forms of humanitarian engagement, particularly in light of global disparities in wealth and health? How should global business leaders think about culture? Prof. Bianca Dahl addresses these questions in light of her research on philanthropic aid programs that target orphaned children amidst the AIDS epidemic in southern Africa.

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