Why You Should Get Out Of The Office And Go To A Conference

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I attended a fantastic business conference last week. Over 200 entrepreneurs in flip-flops and shorts descended on a hotel in Bangkok. Don’t let the flip-flops deceive you; quite a few of them bootstrapped a 6 or 7 figure business.

Just talking with everyone there energized me about creating changes in my life and business. This would never have happened if I didn’t leave my office in New York. If you are building your business you should leave the confines of your office and go to a conference to meet people in your industry who are stirring things up. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of any conference or networking event you attend.

3 Ways To Make The Most Out Of A Conference

Expand your thinking by meeting new people – Conferences are great for connecting with people who are doing similar things as you, but whom you might never have a chance to see on a regular basis. By going to the venue a week before the conference I was able to meet other early arrivals at unofficial events. By the time the conference started I already knew quite a few of the attendees.

Quickly bounce ideas off of people – Use the time at the conference to gather free advice on your ideas. During the conference I came up with some new ideas that I want to implement as quickly as possible.  I was able to spend 2 days of the conference talking with experts in related fields to sanity check my ideas  and learn more about their experiences. I was able to quickly vet ideas with people who know more about the topics than I do.

Build in a sense of accountability – If the conference happens once year, then you will be motivated to implement the ideas you gained before the next conference rolls around. At least for me, I want to make sure that when I go to the same conference next year, the connections I made will see how much I’ve accomplished during the past year.

If you haven’t gone to a conference recently, think about which ones might be relevant for you and consider registering for them….it’s highly recommended!

What are your suggestions on how to maximize the time you invest in conferences? Let us know in the comments below…. 

About the Author

This article was contributed by Maciej Godlewski, the CEO and Founder of Fired Up Digital, a digital marketing firm in New York City. Maciej writes on entrepreneurship and career issues facing the digital workers of tomorrow.