4 Personality Types For Success At Work: The Savant


Want to create the dream team?  Integral to any company’s success, beyond the skills team members contribute, is that magical  blend of different personalities that generates the spark and sizzle a company needs, not only to succeed, but to survive. You need Givers, Champs, Matrix Thinkers, and Savants… This 4 part series will explore each personality type  in more detail.  In this installment, we present…

The Savant

Remember the time you put together that Ikea file cabinet without looking at the instruction manual? Most likely, you then raised both arms into the air and declared “I am a genius!” – a victory cry that was met with un-enthused blank stares from your teammates across the office, who, after an uncomfortable 5 seconds, turned away back to their computer screens.

No?  Just me then?  Ok.  (It was still impressive!)

I’m not claiming to be a Savant myself – but such moments of sheer brilliance (ahem) are actually daily “no biggies” for Savants.  The Savant on your team is the person who intrinsically gets it – whatever the ‘it’ may be.  They have identified their forte in the company and no one can handle the role better than they.  While your garden variety Savants might be introverted, and  socially unavailable, they can be counted on to nail the task at hand without any supervision or micro-management.

The best role for The Savant depends on where their expertise lies – they work wonders in creative roles, writing and editing, or research.  For Savants to  flourish, it is important they are buffered from high pressure situations – where they may become too stressed and ultimately distracted from doing what they do best.

Once you have your Savant in place, sit back and prepare to be amazed as they master their craft (Ikea furniture).


Now that you have all the pieces to your puzzle, put your dream team together, and watch The Giver, The Champ, The Matrix Thinker, and The Savant take your company to new levels.

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