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How to Be a Better Boss

better boss

Being a boss is a little like becoming a parent. Your new direct reports don’t come with a manual, and most of the time, you still have the rest of your “day job” to do.

Plus, people can get promoted into management roles for all sorts of reasons other than already being good managers. Unsurprisingly, we often learn by trial and lots of error, and our team members can suffer for it.

Yet, when I first saw this infographic from BestMastersDegrees, I was pleasantly surprised. Mainly because the kinds of actions it would take to improve employee satisfaction are pretty simple to do and don’t cost much if any money.

Being a great boss should be easy, but too often people just aren’t paying enough attention to the little things that make a difference. And most of those come down to three Cs–communicating, curiosity and caring.

Employees want to be treated with respect, of course, but also as the complex people they are. Take the time to be talk, to ask, and to show appreciation. It will more than pay off.

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