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Customize Your Resume to Get Noticed

custom resume

You’ve completed your resume and cover letter and you’re ready to blast it out – all you need to do is change the company name and click send, right?

WRONG. In today’s job market, a generic approach will land your resume in the recycle bin. You can’t expect busy employers to connect the dots between your experience and their needs – you have to sell yourself by showing that you “get it.”  It’s crucial to demonstrate your professionalism from the get-go by crafting materials that show you’ve done your research, understand your target audience, and know how you can add value.

This presentation will explain how to customize your resume to show employers that you “get it,”  including:

  • Using the job description to guide your approach
  • Effectively researching your target industry/employers
  • Identifying industry and functional keywords
  • Customizing your resume
  • Tailoring your cover letter
  • Writing memorable thank you notes after interviews

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