Business Strategy

Developing Global Leaders

Globalization has made it more important than ever to have leaders be able to adapt to other cultures and customs.

IESE Business School invites you to learn more about how companies can be more efficient at developing their leadership pipelines in a more global and interconnected world.

This class will teach the importance of inference during business meetings, so that one may be able draw conclusions of proper behavior, based on the actions of those around them. We will discuss different methods to familiarize yourself with the customs of your host country – something that is often difficult because visitors find themselves unsure who to ask, or what to ask, when confronted with unfamiliar circumstances.

This class has an important message for all, including HR managers looking to develop emerging talent, small businesses looking to operate on a global scale, and executives who are looking to learn how to operate with comfort abroad. The leaders of tomorrow will be able to interact with ease on the global scale, and this class is a first-step in understanding how to do this. 

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