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The Finance Resume That Gets Read


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During my years as an investment banker I had to look at a lot of resumes.  Always, there were far more qualified applicants than there were job openings, so, particularly during prime recruiting season (which is now), I always had a stack of resumes to go through.

All the people behind those resumes were smart, went to good schools, got good grades and worked hard, but many of their resumes and cover letters were hard to read: too difficult and time-consuming. They didn’t really know what I was looking for; they simply hoped it was in there somewhere.

Sending a resume and cover letter to a company looking to fill a job is a fairly simple undertaking, not a lottery.  It’s more than just format; it’s also drafting good bullet points and deciding what makes sense to include and what doesn’t.

After that, it’s up to you to sell yourself.  The resume’s done its job at that point.

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