Executive Speaker Series

Lead When It Matters Most


Managers face enormous challenges in trying to understand how they can they better lead themselves, their teams or their business units.

They need to be able to think clearly, make high-quality decisions, effectively manage daily stressors and emotions, bounce-back from setbacks, and perhaps most critically – they must constantly develop their in-the-moment behaviors to be able to work effectively within others inside and outside their organization. Positive leadership focuses on developing the behaviors, attitudes and thinking skills necessary to allow managers to perform at their best in the everyday moments they face in the workplace — because it is in these moments that leadership actually happens.

This workshop will address three core components of Positive Leadership:

  1. Mindware Training enables professionals to develop new ways of thinking that produce higher quality decisions.
  2. Positive Development is about how to build a positive work environment in which individuals and their teams can perform at their best.
  3. Behavioral Fitness draws on the science of habits and self-control to allow professionals to understand how behavioral change works and how they can make positive changes in their behaviors.

About the Author

Dr. Newman’s work centers on translating and applying psychology to help people optimize their performance in the workplace.