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Make The Leap from Corporate to Start-Up

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With a career that’s straddled the entrepreneurial and corporate (American Express and McKinsey & Co.) worlds, David’s unique perspective can help you make the leap from corporate to start-up with greater confidence.

During the interview David will share his POV on:

  • Things to consider when contemplating a leap from corporate to start-up, or vice versa
  • Incubating start-up concepts…the how and the when
  • How to find opportunities to work at start-ups
  • How graduate school degrees fit into the overall equation – are they worth the investment?

Company Background

CommonBond is a student lending platform that connects student and graduate borrowers with individual and institutional investors, offering low cost loans and best-in-class service, and powering social good through its Social Promise.

Presenter Background

David left American Express for business school, intent on launching a start-up by graduation that would disrupt the financial services industry.  He co-founded CommonBond in 2011 while still a first-year at Wharton.   Prior to launching CommonBond, David worked in consumer finance at American Express, as Director of Strategic Planning and Business Development, where he led a team that managed a $250M annual portfolio. He also worked at McKinsey & Company, where he advised clients in the financial services industry. David graduated from Brandeis University with a BA in Politics, Economics, and International Business. He is an alumnus of Wharton Business School and has served on the Board of the Bronx Charter School for the Arts in New York.

Follow David on Twitter @DavidXKlein and CommonBond @CommonBond.

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