Open Office Space Offenses

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There is nothing more glorious than the open space.

You step foot into unobstructed full-floor views, an office where ideas are bounced around from desk to desk, the energy and excitement is palpable. On the other side of that coin: you are victim to the actions of your coworkers.

Everyone is subject to the very same sights, sounds, (smells), and commotion of the office. Oh, how we yearn for the sweet solace found within cubicle walls.

In a recent study by Accountemps, the most common workplace etiquette blunders included:

  • Using a speakerphone or talking too loudly on the phone
  • Loitering or talking around a colleague’s desk
  • Eating foods that have strong odors
  • Keeping a messy or cluttered workspace
  • Leaving the phone ringer on loud

All are terrible offenses.

Here at Ivy Exec however, there are far more heinous reasons for receiving the evil eye in our office.

  • Being the last person to place their order for Friday lunch
  • Going to the convenience store and not bringing back chocolate
  • Tampering with the air conditioning
  • Forgetting to water the plants

When it comes to office etiquette, we all have room for growth.  Remember to respect your office mates, and they will respect you!

Are your colleagues guilty of horrible open office offenses? Share your stories in the comments section below!

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Greg Olsten is Ivy Exec's Sr. Content Manager, producing Online Classes, and Executive Intelligence articles.