Career Transition

Reset Your Career With These Tips

reset career

You’re bored with your work, the challenge is gone, your ideas seem stale. Or your life has changed and you’d like a less demanding career. Or one more in line with your values or talents.

No matter the reason, you want to hit the reset button on your career. But you’re not sure where to begin.

Whether you are looking for a new company, new function, or new industry, career transitions can be very challenging. Ivy Exec Career Coach Alexandra Sleator has developed an action plan to get you where you want to go.

In this webinar, Alexandra discusses:

  • Circumstances that call for transition
  • Challenges and how to overcome them
  • Identifying your personal next best step
  • Techniques for making a career change.

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About the Author

Alexandra Sleator is an Ivy Exec  Career Coach who helps ambitious, high-performing professionals tackle their frustrations at work, resolve complex problems, find ways out of difficult situations, and achieve personally meaningful objectives.