Our Top 5 Interview Tips from 2014

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Did you miss our top interview tips this year? Don’t worry! Here’s a snapshot of our best advice to help you win your interview.


How to Influence Your Interviewer

The key to winning the interview is to build trust. During the interview, you have a very short time span to make the interviewer trust you. It certainly does start by smiling, a firm handshake, and making eye contact. But what else must you do in order to make them feel they can trust you? More important than anything else is to listen, and build meaningful conversations during the interview. Read the full article here.

The 3 Biggest Interview Mistakesinterview-mistakes-750x422

When we spoke with an HR Partner at Amazon, his biggest concern is when “some people spend spend too much time in telling mode and not enough in asking mode,” To learn about his thoughts on a productive interview, read the full article here.


Recover When the Interview is Going South

A shaky answer to a question, or poor attempt at humor can certainly harm the interview, but you can recover. The quickest way to get out of trouble? Ask the interview a question. Give yourself a chance to take a breather, and give the interviewer a chance to talk about themselves. For more tips, read on.

five-reasons-e1385577134137-750x4225 Ways to Sell Yourself While Answering “Do You Have Any Questions?”

The trick here, is to essentially ask baited questions. Do a little research prior to the interview and try and determine about the company’s pain points. Then, indirectly ask questions about these pains, and follow up with how you know you can solve them. Get all five points here.

The Bravest Interview Questionbrave_interview-750x422

Last but not least, if you want to show your confidence, and clear any possible concerns the interviewer might have – ask them bluntly “What is the one question you wanted to ask me, but haven’t?” Read on for the full scoop.

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