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Our Top 5 Job Search Tips from 2014

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When you embark on your job search in the new year – use our top job search tips from 2014!

Burn the Ship and Get a Better Jobbetter_job-750x422

Have you been procrastinating through your job search? To finally get a new job, the best way to light a fire under your search is to give yourself no other option but jump ship. Read why

age-employment-750x422How to Land a Job When You’re Over 55

Senior job seekers have a different set of challenges to face than younger ones. But if you want to find your next job, project optimism, be flexible, and don’t give up. Read on for 5 tips.

The Shocking Truth About Job Postingsjob-posting-750x422

Are your qualifications an exact match to the requirements in a job listing? While that means you could easily land the job – you probably will regret taking it after 6 months. See why.

big_jobs-750x422Big Jobs Hiding in Small Places

If you don’t mind leaving the corporate world, you can land a high profile job in an exciting new environment. Here’s what you need to know.

Regain Confidence During Your Job Searchconfidence-750x422

If you have been unemployed for a long period, it’s time to partner up and reframe the situation. Turn your job search into a project with goals you can achieve. Read on.

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