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Our Top 5 Resume Tips from 2014

resume tips

Is your resume ready for the new year? Get all our top tips from 2014 to build a killer resume.

How to Write a Career Change Resumeresume-story-e1386013729387-750x422

The most important thing to consider when writing a resume that spans industries or functions is that your number one priority is to ease the concerns of the hiring manager. To do this, tell a story in your resume that can easily relate to multiple industries, but still shows your stellar results. Read on for more tips.

resume_gap-750x422How to Explain a Gap in Your Resume

It’s all about recasting the gap. Unless you were sitting at home and channel surfing, you most likely picked up some experiences, or had opportunities to develop your professional skills. Here are all 4 tips.

5 Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Outresume_stand_out-750x422

Hiring managers see hundreds (thousands even!) of resumes a week. Why not give them something different and exciting? Get your brand ready, and share an exciting story with the reader. Read on here.

quantify-achievements-e1385495797830-750x422Tips for Quantifying Achievements

If you really want a resume that packs a punch – stop listing your roles and responsibilities. Start showing your achievements. Numbers often speak louder than words. Here’s how to do it.

Why the Top 1/3 of Your Resume Matters Mostresume-passed-750x422

Hiring managers often spend all of 10 seconds on a resume. The top of your resume has to convey your most exciting, high-impact achievements and characteristics in order to get them to keep reading. Find out how to make it shine.



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