Winning The Inner Game of Interviewing

interview performance

An interview is like a performance: The stakes are high.

You have mere seconds to make a first impression and there are no do-overs. Though it’s natural to be nervous and feel moments of doubt, if you don’t manage your thoughts and emotions, they can derail your performance and erode your confidence.

This presentation will cover the four key areas where you can hone your inner game:

  1. Practice under pressure
  2. Game-day preparation
  3. Performance in the moment
  4. Recovery from missteps

You’ll learn very practical, science-based strategies and techniques – the same ones used by Olympic athletes, actors and top performers in every arena – to:

  • Focus your preparation and practice
  • Quiet your inner critic
  • Recover quickly when your mind goes blank or you say the “wrong” thing
  • Handle physical symptoms such as sweaty palms and shaking knees
  • Master your emotions and feel in control of the situation

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