Break Free From the Mid-Career Slump (Webinar)

overwhelmed at work

Do you feel stuck in your career? Are you working hard yet not making as much progress as you’d like? Are you afraid you’re plateauing prematurely or, even worse, heading for burnout? Or maybe you’re bored and feeling that you’re not performing to your potential…

Welcome to the mid-career slump. Linger here too long and you could be in for a long, demoralizing slog as you watch others get promoted ahead of you, work on the boring plain vanilla deals and assignments, and see your bonus check shrink.

When you handle the mid-career slump properly, you can take charge of your career and make the next leap forward by attracting a great sponsor who can propel your career forward, becoming respected for your unique abilities and being recognized for your accomplishments by top management.

Join us for a special class with May Busch, executive coach, speaker and former COO of Morgan Stanley Europe, on Career Mastery: Break Free From the Mid-Career Slump.

About the Author

May Busch is a sought-after executive coach, speaker, advisor, author, and former COO of Morgan Stanley Europe. Her passion is helping people succeed in their career and life – to be better, do more, and make the difference they are meant to make. Find her on and follow her on Twitter at @maybusch