Creating Productive Meeting Presence

productive meeting

In a hyper-connected world where professionals are glued to their phones and expected to reply within moments, it is increasingly difficult for business leaders to capture attention during meetings.

Within this environment, norms around how to use communication technology have not been established – so business leaders need to create explicit strategies informing how to make decisions about where to concentrate their presence. Herein lies the importance of creating a productive meeting presence.

Creating presence requires leaders to make content and participation decisions prior to a meeting, and develop explicit norms for the type of participation or presence required during a meeting. This class will examine the changing nature of our work environments, the implications of these changes, and how professionals will need to adapt their leadership presence accordingly.

About the Presenter

Jeanine Turner PhD, Associate Professor at Georgetown University’s, McDonough School of business, helps executives gain a strengthened sense of how best to communicate their presence.  Using arguments, data, and audience analysis, Turner works with executives to choose messages and communication channels to create powerful stories. Her research and coursework explores persuasion, conflict resolution, and the impact of new media on organizational and interpersonal communication. When leading executive programs, Turner provides concrete skills and strategies for delivering information and messages as well as specific tools for managing difficult conversations.

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