Creative Tips to Cultivate a Positive Workplace

positive workplace

Have you ever been in a professional, or even a social and unfavorable environment?

It certainly happens. Like Newton’s third law states, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This too, can abstractly be applied to one at his or her workplace in terms of what you can do to release all this positive energy within you. That being said, positive actions can result in positive results.

Thus, fear not! There are preventative measures that one can take that can potentially change an unfavorable workplace to a thriving one – all through positive actions and thoughts. According to the Houston Chronicles, a negative workplace can stifle creativity, discourage teamwork, and incite a lack of motivation.

It sounds sinister, but one can ‘manipulate’ the physical work environment to establish positive ‘spirit.’ For example, buying plants or having another living object is beneficial according to the Agriculture & Life Sciences Department at Texas A&M University. They suggest that projects that are performed under the, “calming influence of nature” yield greater accuracy, quality, and performance. So why not buy a nice plant for the office?

Additionally, from my own experience, I know a simple action that can harbor a win-win situation. My point being, initiating a conversation with colleagues and asking how they are; or asking if they need help with projects fosters positive contexts. Simultaneously, one nurtures a rapport with his or her colleagues. This simple action can make a subtle, yet significant impact in stimulating a positive workplace.

Finally, thinking and therefore, exhibiting a positive attitude and outlook at work is powerful. People pick up on these subtle cues – small or large. In “The Power of Thinking and Acting Positively” by Dr. Gottschalk, she suggests that valuing the work of others, emphasizing feedback and expressing gratitude all create a positive workplace. With all that being said, think and stay positive!

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