Finding and Working With a Mentor


Nine out of ten people see the value of working with a mentor. So what’s holding them back?

One of the most valuable resources a person can have in their career is a Mentor. Sir Richard Branson, Indra Nooyi, Mark Zuckerberg, and many more have all expressed how their mentors got them where they are today.

What exactly is a mentor (and why are they so important?)

A mentor is someone who has been there and done that. They offer their time to protégés in need of a helping hand, as they themselves were once in a position where they needed help in their own career.

Generally, a mentor is someone who has had significant experience within a certain area that they can offer to protégés as a field of expertise. Most of Ivy Exec’s mentors have had at least 15 years of work experience at major international organizations. They are people who will be honest and impartial in guiding you. This is why friends or family members don’t always make for the best mentors.

Below is a presentation detailing how you can network with, get noticed by, and work with mentors, as well as suggestions of how they may help in your career based off of ways they have helped Ivy Exec’s members.

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