Founders’ Perspective: Empower Your Team With Positive Leadership

positive leadership

Positive Leadership can have a transformative impact on both individual and organizational performance.

Ivy Exec, in partnership with IE Business School, invites you to an online interview of Armin Forstner and Declan Noone, founders of Serrano 99 Management Consulting. They will discuss their journey to understanding the psychology of positive leadership, and how it has changed the way that they view effective management, particularly in times of rapid growth and uncertainty.

We will discuss how transformation to positive leadership sometimes has to take you out of your comfort zone. And you will learn how you can lead a group, or company, away from an obsessive focus on threats, weaknesses and shortfalls, to a focus on the many opportunities presented by change. In this session, we will discuss the paradigm shift managers must adopt to empower teams to adapt to shifting business terrain and be resilient.

Learn how Forstner and Noone are implementing the lessons of IE’s Positive Leadership Program to tangible success by facilitating rapid organizational change for companies in Europe. Explore what brought them from vastly different career backgrounds – publishing and military, respectively – to form a company that is looking to change the way organizations are approaching the issue of unlocking full employee potential.

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