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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Become Active on LinkedIn


LinkedIn strikes fear into the hearts of many. Whether you label yourself shy or an introvert, or you view anything other than having an online presence on LinkedIn profile as self-promotional, many find the notion of becoming active on LinkedIn as intimidating.

During the early years of LinkedIn a static profile certainly offered a competitive edge. However, today LinkedIn stands at 350 million users with two new users added every second. There’s nothing like being grouped with millions to lose the competitive advantage.


It is a known fact that the greater your activity on LinkedIn, the higher you rank in the feeds of your connections. Furthermore, studies have shown recruiters are more likely to reach out to a candidate who is active than one who is passive.

Below are four steps ranked in size from small to giant that can help you slowly but surely step outside your comfort zone and contribute to expanding your network, increasing your views and elevating the status of your profile.

  • Small Step: LIKE IT

If you wish to start small, begin with a baby step like “liking” articles of interest to you. Thanks to LinkedIn Pulse, LinkedIn’s content publishing platform, articles are plentiful and easily searchable based on topics of interest. A simple click on the “thumbs up” icon and your connections can see an article that you’ve read.

You can even follow authors whose writings intrigue you which ensures their latest posts come straight to your inbox.

  • Medium Step: COMMENT ON IT

Engaging in a conversation about an article is the next small step. Fortunately, commenting on an article is as easy to do as liking one. Simply click on the “comment” icon that looks like a comic strip conversation bubble at the top of the story to ask the reader a question, thank them, or offer additional thoughts.

  • Large Step: SHARE IT

Once you’ve grown comfortable with liking and commenting on the articles of others, the next logical step is to share it with your connections and members of groups with a brief intro from you.

This allows you to offer added insight or a simple shout out to the author which in turn can help to expand your network.

Sharing an article is easy – simply select “share an update” on your LinkedIn’s home page, cut and paste your story’s URL and include one or two sentences of your own before hitting “share.”

  • Giant Step: AUTHOR IT

Many people discover after months of reading the stories of others that their perspective is unique and their voice worth sharing. They become inspired to write a few lines of their own. Fortunately, LinkedIn Publisher is open to all members.

To craft a brief post, simply select “Publish a Post,” write your thoughts, select applicable clip art, and then publish. You may be surprised to discover how quickly you can amass a minor following and who knows? Maybe you’ll grow into a thought leader!

About the Author

Virginia Franco, NCRW, CPRW is the founder of Virginia Franco Resumes which offers customized executive resume and LinkedIn profile writing services for the 21st century job seeker.