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Want to get your resume noticed for the jobs you are eminently qualified for?

Can they see the high-level business impact you made in their 4 to 6 or 10 second scan? Have you included the context of why you “developed marketing materials, product roadmap, financial forecasts?” Have you told the stories of your main clients and how you progressed the role over your tenure?
And how can you possibly fit all of this into 2 pages?

Attend this class to learn some terse strategies for including your executive results stories in your resume at 3 levels.

If you would like a one-on-one discussion about how Ivy Exec can help you create eye-catching stories in your resume’s executive summary, job summary, and bullet points, click here to set up a free consultation with Nii Ato Bentsi-Enchill, Manager of Coaching and Resume Services.

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