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How to Achieve Sustainable Growth in a Disruptive Market

sustainable growth

Whether you are a start-up trying to get traction or an established company trying to launch new products and services, your ultimate goal is growth.

Disruptive ambiguity—which occurs when the status quo is disrupted by turmoil in the marketplace—represents both a significant challenge to incumbent managers and a rich source of opportunity for growth minded leaders.

In this Master Class, IE Professor Joseph Pistrui will discuss the challenge of making sense of disruptive ambiguity, and how to help leaders and their organizations become more systematic about identifying emerging business opportunities during market uncertainty. He will additionally speak of his work with the Nextsensing Initiative to help executives and entrepreneurs develop their own “opportunity foresense,” or the ability to frame possible opportunities to scale by developing an informed point of view about the real changes taking place.

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About the Author

Joseph Pistrui is a Professor of Entrepreneurial Management at IE Business School. He has more than 25 years of management experience, first as a director with the FMCG division of Bristol-Myers Squibb in the United States, and more recently through his work with a range of organizations on a global scale.