A Step-By-Step Guide to Understanding and Quantifying Your Value at Work

know your worth at work

In a workplace with more and more blurred lines between your official job description and what you do day-to-day, it’s increasingly important to understand what impact and value you bring to the organization so that you can effectively advocate for yourself.

But what does that mean exactly? How exactly do we gauge and log our worth and package it in such a way that we get what we want and well, what we are worth?

We’re glad you asked.  This class will bring you from relying on guesswork and your gut to an evidence-based, soft-skills-fueled plan of action to promote yourself internally at work and ask for (and get!) what you’re worth.

About the Author

Jill Ozovek is a certified career coach in New York City. Her practice focuses on helping Millennial and mid-career women find and develop careers that align with their passions. For more info on your own career change and Jill’s Career Change Kitchen course, click here.