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Leaders Need These Experiences to Get Hired


Companies are not interested in the people who will carry their company today.

So next time you interview, don’t try to present yourself as that person. Instead, you need to be the candidate that is going to carry the company for the next 5 years.

Showing that you have the skills to lead an organization right now  is “easy (for hiring managers) to assess” in an interview, according to Pramukh Jeyathilak, Global HR Lead for Amazon and an Ivy Exec Mentor. “The larger challenge…” however, is “how do these people show up…five years from now” Jeyathilak continues.

In order to demonstrate this, candidates need to show a few things in an interview as well as their resume.

Thought leadership. You need to set an example for the entire company, which requires a substantial amount of industry of functional knowledge. Use social media channels to demonstrate your thought leadership and build a following.

Diverse Experience. Have you been successful at multiple companies? Multiple industries? How about global versus local experiences? If you have a proven track record across multiple areas, you are setting yourself up to be a great candidate.

See what else Pramukh looks for in a leader in the video below.

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