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Making Moves: Things to Consider Before Changing Jobs

making moves

Strategizing the timing of career moves should never be overlooked, as the effects can be far-reaching.

If you change jobs too early, it’s difficult to gain depth in skill. Stay too long, and it reduces the opportunity to develop diversity of experiences – not to mention the chance to benchmark compensation against the market. Change too much, and you risk the “job-hopper” label.

At various points in your career, the question “should I stay or should I go” will and should enter your mind.And it’s more critical than ever, since breadth in your background matters in the age of rapidly advancing technology and it helps ensure compensation is at or above fair market value.

For more than fifteen years, SoFi Head of Career Strategy and Professional Development Bob Park has been helping candidates make such decisions. Although each individual is motivated by very personal reasons and may face unique circumstances, there is a framework than can help mitigate making the wrong decision. Given the positive trends in the job market, there’s no better time consider the question and what makes sense for your particular situation. In this Master Class, “Things to Consider Before Changing Jobs,” we will discuss tools that may help you take advantage of this trend now and position you for success for years to come.

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