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The Perfect Resume:
Your Value Proposition

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Recently, we sat down with Nii Ato Bentsi-Enchill, our manager of resume and coaching services. He shared his insights into building a perfect resume.

First and foremost when crafting your resume, Bentsi-Enchill stresses that you need to remember who your audience is. Don’t over-indulge and write exclusively about your proudest moments and achievements if they don’t offer value to the reader.

Have you crafted your perfect resume? Get it critiqued with our resume specialists. Click here to book an appointment.
Have you crafted your perfect resume? Get it critiqued with our resume specialists. Click here to book an appointment.

Furthermore, look at your resume. Has it been littered with adjectives describing you as a “results-driven, highly-motivated, tenacious professional?” We don’t disagree that you are all of those things. But the problem is everyone has this on their resume (if they haven’t yet crafted a perfect one).

These adjectives are also just words – and actions often speak louder (we will talk more about this in future posts in the series). So remove them from your resume. They are taking up space and aren’t backed with any evidence.

What’s In it For Employers?

Always remember that your resume needs to convey the following:
What’s In it For Employers (WIFE).

Your resume needs to show “What it is they are going to get when they bring you on board?” says Bentsi-Enchill. Consider the two statements and imagine what you as an employer would find more beneficial to your company.

Dynamic, results-oriented, and dedicated sales executive with proven track record of generating revenue and territory growth. Visionary leader able to see “the big picture” while executing detailed strategy. Demonstrated success in building and leading cross functional teams, leveraging excellent communication skills.


Sales executive with 14+ years experience producing over $150M in revenue and consistent 10-15% business growth. Success in leading and developing cross-functional teams of 10-25 direct reports. Expertise in new market entry gained through 3 separate products/services.

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