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Seven Systems To Multiply Your Sales Efforts

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Want to increase your sales results, or grow your business?  Systems are the answer.

There is great power in creating systems, especially when those systems lead to automatic behaviour that drives positive results.

Systems of information-feedback control are fundamental to all life and human endeavour, from the slow pace of biological evolution to the launching of the latest space satellite…Everything we do as individuals, as an industry, or as a society is done in the context of an information-feedback system, Jay W. Forrester (MIT Professor, pioneering computer engineer and systems scientist)

Here are seven systems that will multiply your sales results:

  1. Treat every customer as though they represent a thousand new referrals

Why would you treat every customer as if they represent a thousand new referrals? Because they DO represent a thousand new referrals, potentially a lot more.  It’s not that each customer will actually talk to a thousand people, but a positive endorsement on social media can easily reach a thousand people given our interconnected world.  Remember a simple rule about your customers – they will likely only talk about your business under two circumstances: if you exceed their expectations, or if you fall below them.  Choose which one you want.

  1. Look for other products or services that add real value to your customer

Add-on selling is a simple and effective system for increasing per customer revenue, but there are a couple of rules you need to implement in order to make this an effective system.  First – never add-on anything that isn’t going to add real value in their life. If you do you’ll hurt goodwill, and will be seen as pushy.  Second – never add- on until you’ve completely closed the initial sale.  Don’t be greedy and needy, but rather constantly look to add value.

  1. Sell in bunches

Sometimes selling 1000 units of your product is just as easy as selling 1 unit.  You often use the same sales process, and in many cases the same amount of time transpires to close the bigger sale. Good sales people know this, and as result they lift their sites on larger targets.

  1. See each customer as representing a specialized group

Each customer represents a specialized group or (to use marketing language) a “tribe”.  Treat customer interactions as a data experiment where you are tracking what works and what doesn’t.  This allows you to build a micro-system of talking points, feature highlights to discuss, and common concerns to be aware of. The more prepared you are for each potential customer the more effective your selling will be.

  1. Let your creations reach people you’ve never met

The internet has created an unprecedented opportunity for you to become a content creator.  Once you have created content that has value, it exists independent of your day to day actions.  This allows you to reach people that you would never have been able to reach before.  Become a content creator.  Start writing, creating videos, or sharing resources online.  Use social media portals to establish yourself as a person worth knowing because of the value you constantly share.  This will have a positive ripple effect on your sales efforts.

  1. Execute an effective “recontact” system 

Recontacting prospects is a essential part of any selling system.  A recontact is necessary when a prospect tells you they “aren’t sure,” or “need more time to decide.” Build an effective recontacting process by creating, and maintaining a good CRM (customer relationship management) system.  There are many commercial services out there that work well, and many of them are available at a very economical price.  Record your last conversation and diarize a reasonable follow up schedule. Always avoid a hard sell.  In many cases a prospect’s reticence to move forward is because of very valid reasons – either you haven’t established enough value, or they have a concern you can’t overcome.  Using hard closing tactics will only alienate your prospect.  When you recontact them make sure you establish rapport and provide a summary of benefits, and add additional value points that you may not have initially mentioned.

  1. Build a system around two of the most powerful words

Two of the most powerful words that you can use are “thank you”.  Stand out by using these words often.  Go the extra mile and use hand written thank you notes to your customers, referral partners, and connections.  If you are genuine, you will immediately build goodwill, and make it easy for people to refer their friends to you and your business.

About the Author

Ryan Clements is a business consultant, sales trainer, speaker and writer. He consults to companies and entrepreneurs on marketing and sales strategy, and is a frequent speaker and trainer in the areas of sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, productivity, leadership and motivation.  He also writes widely on these subjects and has published a book and given a TEDx talk on career fulfillment, a topic which he speaks often to schools and students about.  For speaking, consulting or training requests please visit his website at